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"HAARP Countdowns" - Mitchell Coombes AKA GCM Exposed
by Frank Hoogerbeets

April 19, 2016, last updated April 23, 2016, 10:10 UTC

Knowledge regarding the planets and the influence of planetary alignments is a very powerful tool that should not be misused to present false information. Yet, this is exactly what has been going on since at least 2011 when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan.

I have done some research and found that someone from Wollongong, Australia named Mitchell Coombes (see GCM connection) has been posting many so-called "104-hours HAARP countdowns" on Facebook just before large earthquakes struck. It led many people to believe that these quakes were indeed HAARP induced, based on Coombes' claim he has "inside knowledge".

<Mitchell Coombes 104 hours HAARP countdown on March 6, 2011>
104 hours "countdown" on March 6, 2011

<Mitchell Coombes 104 hours HAARP countdown November 5, 2015>
104 hours "HAARP countdown" on November 5, 2015

Yet, when you do some analysis on these so-called "104-hours countdowns", they all appear to coincide with upcoming critical planetary alignments often involving the gas giants, which is guaranteed to cause large earthquakes. Coincidence?

The image below is an example of a "countdown" he posted on November 5, 2015. Look at the planetary alignments from November 5 to 7. On the 7th, a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Chile and all his followers once again applauded convinced as they were he exposed another "HAARP induced earthquake".

Below is the example from March 2011. Again we see multiple planetary alignments involving the gas giants converging just after Coombes posted his "countdown" on March 6. Obviously he did not know that the large earthquake would take a bit longer to materialise. He probably expected it to happen on March 9 or 10 at most. Instead, it occurred on the 11th.

This Mitchell Coombes also appears to be the person behind the God Code Matrix of 188 (GCM), Elnin Vibonacci and Elex Nin facebook pages. Most people seem unaware of this but several visitors on his GCM page call him by name, like Samuel Worthington and John Ziogas.

<Mitchell Coombes is God Code Matrix of 188>

<Mitchell Coombes is GCM>

Another regular visitor Dave du Bois also claims to know that GCM is Mitchell Coombes stating: "that's old news. We all know GCM is Mitchell Coombes."

<Mitchell Coombes is GCM>

Coincidentally, these people are connected to Wollongong, New South Wales, just like Coombes. Below are Facebook account screenshots showing the Wollongong connection suggesting these people know Coombes/GCM personally.

<Samual Worthington says GCM is Mitchell Coombes>

<John Ziogas says GCM is Mitchell Coombes>

<Dave du Bois says GCM is Mitchell Coombes>

Note how Samuel Worthington, a long time visitor, first welcomes Coombes back and then stands by his claim by calling GCM a liar after he categorically denies that he is Mitchell Coombes.

<Mitchell Coombes is GCM>

On the Project Avalon forum we find another confirmation from a member with username misericordia posted on December 3, 2011:

"From the little information I have gathered on him [Mitchell Coombes] I am aware that he is young possibly in his teens or early twenties and lives in Wollongong, Australia. He used to work for the Poker industry and endorses operations carried out by anonymous. For now as far as I know he uses Facebook and his own website (which may or may not still be active) which I am not a member of as membership is charged.. to broadcast this information."

Coombes has been away from facebook for 10 weeks only to come back and claim he warned for the 7.8 quake in Ecuador on April 2. However, there is no post between February 1 and April 17 on his page. Yet he uploaded an IMAGE (not a screenshot) yesterday vaguely showing April 2, 2016. There's no official posting date anywhere because there is no post.

<so-called earthquake prediction by GCM>
"prediction" allegedly from April 2

Meanwhile, his followers are wondering where the real April warning is. Apparently, they were unable to find it.

<mitch no april warning>

<No April Warning 1>

<No April warning post 2>

At the same time, in an attempt to obscure his true methodology, Coombes keeps trying to convince his followers that planetary alignments don't have any influence due to some vague "time shift theory" as a result of which ALL planetary software is obsolete, meaning all astronomers in the world today are fooling themselves looking at incorrect planetary positions. No one with even a tiny bit of common sense would believe such ridiculous claims, because everyone can verify that the planets are at the exact positions in the night sky as computed by the software.

Yet you'll be surprised to see how many people actually buy Coombes' claims without doing any critical thinking or double checking. Apparently he has discovered the influence of the planets several years ago, but decided to misuse his knowledge to spread fear and become popular with his "HAARP countdowns.

Note: Much credit goes to Arthur McKenny who collected information on Facebook and provided several screenshots.

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