Ditrianum - Divine Triangle Numeration
About Ditrianum

Ditrianum is an organization promoting the research of geometric patterns and numbers in Nature. The name 'Ditrianum' is an acronym for 'Divine Triangle Numeration'. The organization was founded on October 5, 2002 in The Netherlands.

Founder and president, Frank Hoogerbeets, is active in the fields of geometry and number theory since 1984. In the 90s he made study trips to Great Britain and visited places like Glastonbury, Avebury, Stonehenge and Finthorn.

Frank states that it is important to acknowledge the geometric constitution of Nature both in and around us, not only to recognize that Nature is an Intelligent Force, but because growing of consciousness always runs orderly, i.e. geometrically.

If you have questions or remarks, then please send an e-mail to: info@ditrianum.org

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