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Planetary Alignments

M7.0 near Vanuatu on 4 April 2016

Introduction Video

Every celestial body with a hydrostatic equilibrium - this can be a sun, a planet or a moon, has a north and south pole on each end of its axis. The hydrostatic equilibium allows and ensures its axis spin causing the body to function as a dynamo and oscillator. As a result, the body transmits an electromagnetic wave or resonance which is being picked up by other celestial bodies which are part of the same system, in this case the Solar System.

Because of this, there is always an electromagnetic wave resonating between the Sun and the planets and between a planet and its moon(s). When three planets align then their mutual resonance is being amplified which greatly affects each of them. When Earth is part of or close to such an alignment then an increase in seismic activity can be observed. This increase may become greater when the Moon is aligned as well.

Sometimes multiple planetary alignments converge in a short time span. This affects the Solar System to a greater degree and an obvious increase in seismic activity can be observed, especially when the Moon is involved. Examples of such convergences are June 23, 2014 and February 29, 2016.

Based on planetary alignments, seismic activity approaching or exceeding magnitude 6 can be anticipated. See also the section Earth Activity.

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