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Earth Activity 2015
Date Title
Scientists Continue To Underestimate Mother Nature
Earthquake Analysis Report October 2015
Seismic Increase while Earth, Moon and Venus Line Up
Four Largest Earthquakes of 2015 Correctly Forecast
Earthquake Lessons: M7.9 China 2008
Earthquake Analysis Report September 2015
Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake in Oklahoma
Earthquake Lessons: Magnitude 8.2 Bolivia, June 9, 1994
“Fantastic” Lava Outbreak Filmed Over Flow Field Hawaii
Magnitude 8.3 Earthquake During Jupiter-Earth-Neptune Alignment
Planetary Alignments, October 2015
Magnitude 6 Earthquakes Strike During Side-Alignments
Earthquake Swarm While Side-Alignments Converge
Planetary Alignments, September 2015
Planetary Alignments, August 2015
No Need To Be Afraid, Every Reason To Stay Awake - Always
Planetary Alignments, July 2015
Planetary Alignments, June 2015
Can Earthquakes Be Predicted?
Planetary Alignments April 2015
Planetary Alignments March 2015
Moon-Venus-Mars Alignment causes magnitude 7 earthquake
Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake at the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
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