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Stock Market Crash in 2016-2017?
by Frank Hoogerbeets

2 October 2016


There is the possibility of a financial earthquake this month. October seems notorious for stock market crashes and signs in the financial world could very well point to October 2016.

The IMF approved the addition of the Chinese currency, the yuan, to the SDR basket by 1 October 2016 (note the timing). SDR stands for Special Drawing Rights. This may heavily down value the dollar and euro. Meanwhile Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse, similar to the situation in 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed.

Remember what Christine Lagarde of the IMF said on 15 January 2014 about testing our "numerology skills" and asking us to think about the magic 7, that 7 is "quite a number". Coming from the IMF we really should take note of this.

In January 1988 on the front page of The Economist was an image of a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of old currencies while holding a new currency 'the phoenix' with the year 2018 on it. This publication was 28 years ago, months after the stock market crash of 1987. Keep in mind that 28 is 4x7 and that today, 2 October 2016, is the end of the Seventh Shemitah or Super Shemitah or Jubilee, seven cycles of seven years. I am just trying to connect some dots here.

Bottom line is, if a large earthquake occurs it could very well be in the Stock Market and ultimately the derivative bubble, which has a total value of 7 times the world economy. Remember that the previous two crashes, the "dot-com" burst in 2000 and the housing burst in 2008, both occurred around the time of the US presidential elections, both after the Federal Reserve started to raise interest rates. Currently, we see the same signs again. If this happens in 2016 or early 2017, know that this is by design and that it was planned a long time ago.

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