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Gravity versus Electromagnetic Waves
by Frank Hoogerbeets

21 April 2016, 17:15 UTC

Everything is fundamentally vibration.
Celestial bodies vibrate and constantly transmit energy,
commonly referred to as electromagnetic waves.
These waves are being amplified when planets align,
affecting a planet's crust on an atomic level.

- Frank Hoogerbeets

Why scientists keep referring only to the gravitational force if it comes to planetary influences possibly affecting Earth is beyond me. They contradict themselves here because at the same time science says that the force of gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces in the Universe. A much stronger force comes from vibrations commonly referred to as waves causing us to experience heat, colour and sound. Electromagnetic waves in particular go through space uninterruptedly and as a result we can see stars and even distant galaxies vibrating millions of light years away.


Observation tells us that when planets align there obviously is some kind of amplification. This cannot be gravity because gravity is related to physical mass and the mass of a planet does not change when it is in an alignment with other planets.

Waves on the other hand can be amplified. This is true for both sound and light waves. Every object vibrates and has a natural frequency. When this frequency is being hit by the same frequency coming from another object, an amplification occurs. This is scientific fact and there is no reason not to apply this principle to celestial bodies. If the concept of resonance and resonance amplification is new to you, then perhaps this video is a good starting point:

Planets vibrate and transmit electromagnetic waves. There is always a resonant frequency between any two planets. Other than time-delay, distance has no effect on these waves as they go through space uninterruptedly. As a result, alterations in Earth's crust due to amplified planetary waves first occur on an atomic level, when the natural frequency of a specific location within Earth's crust is being hit for a specific amount of time. It explains the occurrence of large and deep earthquakes along the lunar resonance or other interplanetary resonance vectors. Another phenomenon also observed at the time of planetary alignments is strong atmospheric forcing in the ionosphere.

Scientists do not dispute the fact that electrons within atoms have a wave nature and that they can be triggered by electromagnetic waves from outside influences. Microwave ovens operate on the same principle. It is just that the scientists are having a hard time or are unwilling to translate this principle to the planets and the solar system. If electrons have a wave nature on a microcosmic scale, then planets must also have a wave nature on a macrocosmic scale because the same universal principles apply.

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