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How Ditrianum's Earthquake Forecasting Started
by Frank Hoogerbeets
convergence of planetary alignments on 23 June 2016

24 July 2016

On 23 June 2014 a powerful series of earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean prompted me to look at the position of planets in our Solar System to see if there could possibly be a correlation. It turned out that no less than four planetary alignments converged around that day.

A scientific study later revealed a powerful pressure in Earth's atmosphere starting on 23 June which also caused a meteo-tsunami in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. While scientists don't know the cause of these unusual atmospheric conditions, they ignore the possibility of amplified planetary resonances caused by planetary alignments.

After extensive study in the following months a pattern emerged showing an obvious correlation between planetary alignments and increased or unusual seismic activity on Earth. It led me to publish my first forecast on Facebook on 20 April 2015 in which I warned for a possible seismic increase between 22 and 27 April 2015. On the 25th the 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal.

While large earthquakes show the obvious correlation between amplified electromagnetic waves from planetary alignments and increased seismic activity on Earth, the seismic effects can also be an earthquake swarm or earthquakes at unusual locations. In essence, seismic effects depend on the condition of Earth's crust.

My conclusion after two years of research is that not every planetary alignment causes a large earthquake, but that most if not all large earthquakes are caused by planetary alignments, depending on whether or not an area is due for more severe seismic movement. I believe that earthquakes are actually frequency adjustments to the ever changing vibration of the Solar System triggered by obvious planetary geometry.

In any case, this study and the resulting earthquake forecasts can warn people in time of upcoming critical planetary configurations which may potentially trigger large earthquakes. These warnings serve two purposes: it can save lives and it raises awareness to the mutual influence between the planets in our Solar System.

Forecasts are also published on youtube, patreon, facebook.

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