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Solpage is a software program that computes planetary positions, angles and alignments for a given date or time-frame. In order to accurately compute the positions of the planets Solpage uses the periodic terms as provided by the VSOP87 solution.

Development of the program by Frank Hoogerbeets started in early 2016. Initially only the alignment computation engine was developed. This engine computes the exact time when two celestial bodies reach the same longitude relative to a third celestial body. Throughout 2016 this engine was corrected and optimized to handle 8 decimal digits precision.

In October of the same year the listing of positions and angles for a given time and centric view was added.

In November, while the program was completely being rewritten, new features were added, the most important of which is the possibility to scan for specific angles in a given time-frame.

In July and August 2017 the Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) algorithm was added to increase the accuracy of earthquake forecasts and to make visible the geometry in the Solar System for a given time-frame.

While most software doing planetary computations is limited to heliocentric and geocentric positions, Solpage is one of the very few programs that support all centric views. It is one of the reasons why the Solpage project was started.


As an example we ask Solpage when Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune will be in exact alignments between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2199. With a Jupitercentric search, the program finds one match:

2167-02-08, 22:03:59 301°21'55"

So according to Solpage the next time Uranus and Neptune are aligned as seen from Jupiter is on 8 February 2167 at 22:03:59 UTC, when the longitude of both planets is 301°21'55". Below is a screenshot taken from Solar System Scope depicting the planetary positions on 8 February 2167 at 22:03 with the alignment marked by the yellow line.

Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune alignment 8 February 2167
A rare alignment of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, 8 February 2167

The computation for the above example was done using a 32bit Pentium 3 GHz processor. It takes the latest version of Solpage about 10 seconds to scan 200 years and display the result.


Ditrianum is the sole owner and developer of the Solpage program. It is currently not available.

Solpage is one of the very few programs that support all centric views.

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