Mw 6.6 Jujuy, Argentina
updated 1 June 2021 UTC

On 11 February 2015 a strong earthquake occurred in Jujuy, Argentina at a depth of 180km. The seismic event occurred at 18:57:18 UTC and had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 6.6.

Three planetary alignments preceded the earthquake, most notably Mercury-Venus-Uranus on the 10th. Lunar geometry was quite low with only a geometry index 8 throughout the week. However, no less than 5 WPG peaks from the 7th to the 11th occurred before the earthquake, which set the stage for additional larger seismic activity, which indeed occurred on the 13th and 16th.

Mercury-Venus-Mars       2015-02-06,  2:35:51    5°28'00"
Sun-Earth-Jupiter        2015-02-06, 18:08:33  137°25'07"
Mercury-Venus-Uranus     2015-02-10,  6:46:49   15°22'23"

SSGI chart
SSGI depiction of planetary (PG) and lunar (LG) geometry

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity prior and during the earthquake


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