Mw 7.2 Tajikistan
updated 31 May 2021 UTC

On 7 December 2015 a major earthquake occurred in Tajikistan. The seismic event occurred at 07:50:07 UTC and had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 7.2.

No exact planetary alignments preceded the earthquake, but Mercury was within 2° between Jupiter and Neptune while Earth was within 2° between Mars and Uranus. The Moon lined up with both planets within hours about a day before the earthquake. The WPG peak on the 4th may have been a contributor, but the critical lunar geometry was probably decisive peaking 12 on the 6th.

Earth-Moon-Mars          2015-12-06,  2:10:33  193°32'42"
Moon-Earth-Uranus        2015-12-06,  8:11:03   16°30'04"
SSGI chart
SSGI depiction of planetary (PG) and lunar (LG) geometry


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