M 6.8 Earthquake Banda Sea

last updated 13 May 2020

On 6 May 2020 a strong earthquake occurred beneath the Banda Sea. The tremor had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 6.8 and occurred early in the afternoon at 13:53 UTC.

In the forecast video from 30 April the first week of May was expected to be more critical due to multiple alignments converging, all of which involved Mercury. Seismic activity of Mid to high 6 magnitude was anticipated following both the alignments around 30 April and also 4 to 6 May. The M 6.8 earthquake on the 6th was preceded by a M 6.6 on the 2nd near Crete, Greece. An additional M 6.1 earthquake occurred on the 7th.

No M 6+ earthquakes occurred from the 8th to the 11th. On the 12th a M 6.6 earthquake occurred at the Santa Cruz Islands, which followed on the Venus-Sun-Uranus alignment a day earlier. The last time this alignment occurred was on 28 September 2019. A day later (29 September) a M 6.7 earthquake occurred near the coast of Central Chile.

SSGI chart 1-6 May 2020
convergence of critical planetary and lunar geometry 3-6 May 2020


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