M 7.4 Oaxaca, Mexico

last updated 30 June 2020 UTC

On 23 June 2020 a major earthquake occurred in Oaxaca, Mexico. The tremor with an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 7.4 occurred at 15:29 UTC.

On 25 May a warning was issued that there would be exceptionally high lunar peaks in the first three weeks of June. Unfortunately, a series of high peaks like these makes it impossible to isolate the usual three days time-frames. Lunar geometry involving Mars and Neptune dominated the third week of June. Of note is that after this major earthquake lunar peaks went down.

Update 28 May 2021: Two WPG peaks were involved in the occurrence of this seismic event. The first occurred later on the 19th and the second occurred on the 23rd coinciding with a lunar peak.

See also the next report.

SSGI chart 18-24 June 2020
fourth strong earthquake due to critical lunar geometry in June 2020.

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity went predominantly into a 5 mV band 35 hours earlier


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