M 6.6, M 6.8, M 6.9 earthquakes Philippines and Sumatra

last updated 23 October 2020 UTC

Three strong earthquakes occurred on 18 August 2020 ranging from magnitude 6.6 to 6.9. The first tremor with magnitude 6.6 occurred in Samar, Philippines at 00:03 UTC. The second and third with magnitude 6.8 and 6.9 respectively, occurred in South Sumatra at 22:23 and 22:29 UTC.

On 12 August the first critical planetary geometry formed and peaked early on the 14th with the highly ciritcal Mercury-Venus-Neptune alignment. However, this did not cause the anticipated larger seismic activity on the 15th or 16th, as first anticipated.

Mercury-Sun-Jupiter      2020-08-12,  3:32:22  294°29'40"
Mercury-Sun-Saturn       2020-08-12, 22:06:06  299°03'14"
Mercury-Venus-Neptune    2020-08-14,  2:05:07  348°39'42"

Then on the 17th, after a lunar peak, Earth aligned with the Sun and Mercury, followed a day later by the three larger earthquakes.

Mercury-Sun-Earth        2020-08-17, 14:53:29  324°52'22"

SSGI chart 13-19 August 2020
convergence of critical planetary and lunar geometry 16-17 August 2020

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity in a 5 mV band (1393-1398 mV) 14-17 August 2020


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