M 6.6 earthquake Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

last updated 24 May 2021

A strong earthquake occurred on the Central Mid-Atlantic ridge on 6 September 2020 at 06:51 UTC. The estimated moment magnitude is 6.6.

Critical planetary geometry involving Mercury and Uranus occurred on the 4th and 5th almost 24 hours apart, while the Moon made a 45° angle with Uranus and Neptune. About 3 hours before the tremor, the Moon aligned with Mars. However, atmospheric electricity was the reason to issue a warning earlier on the day.

Update 28 May 2021: A WPG peak formed early on the 3rd followed by a lunar peak on the 6th.

Venus-Earth-Saturn       2020-09-02, 12:07:47  295°37'17"
Sun-Venus-Uranus         2020-09-02, 18:04:15   37°44'40"
Mercury-Venus-Uranus     2020-09-04,  1:30:47   37°40'47"
Mercury-Sun-Uranus       2020-09-05,  5:57:12   37°46'19"

SSGI chart 1-7 September 2020
critical planetary and lunar (LSG) geometry 4-5 September 2020

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity in a 5 mV band (1417-1422 mV) 5-6 September 2020


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