M 7.5 earthquake South of Alaska

last updated 23 October 2020

On 19 October 2020 a major earthquake occurred South of Alaska. The tremor had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 7.5 and occurred at 20:54 UTC.

An earthquake warning was in effect for 18-20 October due to very critical planetary geometry involving Neptune and the inner planets Mercury, Venus and Earth on the 17th and 18th. In addition, the Moon had specific geometry (LSG) with Venus and Neptune on the 18th, several hours after Earth lined up with the two planets. Due to the convergence of this planetary and lunar geometry, it was estimated that seismic activity could potentially reach magnitude 7.5 to 8.0+

Sun-Mercury-Neptune      2020-10-17,  6:03:37  349°28'19"
Venus-Earth-Neptune      2020-10-18, 14:35:20  348°19'50"

Earth:   Moon-Neptune     2020-10-18, 22:07:48  112°30'00"
Earth:   Moon-Venus       2020-10-18, 22:47:53   67°30'00"

SSGI chart 13-20 October 2020
convergence of critical planetary and lunar (LSG) geometry 17-18 October 2020

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity around 1427 mV prior to the earthquake


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