M 7.0 earthquake Dodecanese Islands, Greece / Turkey

3 November 2020

On 30 October 2020 a major earthquake occurred near the Greek island Samos, off the West coast of Turkey. The tremor had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 7.0 and occurred at 11:51 UTC. The Turkish city Izmir in particular was hit by the earthquake. Several buildings collapsed and dozens of people were killed.

It was the second M 7 earthquake in two weeks, seismic activity that was anticipated due to 13 planetary alignments from 12 to 27 October. The earthquake occurred less than three days after Venus lined up with Jupiter and Saturn, an alignment that had not occurred since April 2000. In addition, warnings were issued for Turkey, Greece and Italy because the respective longitudes were marked by electrical fluctuations in the atmosphere days earlier.

Venus-Sun-Jupiter        2020-10-24,  5:10:58  300°43'31"
Venus-Sun-Saturn         2020-10-24, 13:08:35  301°15'50"
Sun-Mercury-Mars         2020-10-24, 20:02:24   27°18'13"
Sun-Mercury-Earth        2020-10-25, 18:16:17   32°30'46"
Sun-Mercury-Uranus       2020-10-26, 18:33:13   38°20'23"
Venus-Jupiter-Saturn     2020-10-27, 19:09:32  301°42'34"

SSGI chart 25-31 October 2020
critical planetary geometry from 25 to 29 October

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity around 1432 mV before the earthquake


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