Mw 6.7 Mauritius - Reunion Region

updated 26 May 2021 UTC

On 12 May 2021 a strong earthquake occurred at Mauritius - Reunion Region. The seismic event occurred at 14:05:16 UTC and had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 6.7.

In the first week several alignments occurred, which increased the probability of larger seismic activity. 7-10 May was isolated as the most probable time-window for seismic activity well over 6 magnitude. However, the anticipated seismic increase did not occur until the 12th. Possibly the multiple 90° angles involving Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars on the 11th and 12th contributed to the earthquake. This geometry will be researched further. See also the report above.

Mercury-Sun-Jupiter      2021-05-07,  3:33:31  317°39'06"
Mars-Sun-Saturn          2021-05-08,  6:58:38  307°14'40"

Venus:   Sun-Neptune      2021-05-11,  8:21:47   90°00'00"
Mercury: Sun-Earth        2021-05-12,  3:10:24   90°00'00"
Venus:   Earth-Mars       2021-05-12,  9:02:32   90°00'00"

SSGI chart
SSGI depiction of planetary (PG) and lunar (LG) geometry

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity prior and during the earthquake


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