Mw 6.1 Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands
updated 24 September 2021

On 24 September 2021 a strong earthquake occurred at the Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands at a depth of 24 km. The seismic event occurred at 11:52:29 UTC and had an estimated moment magnitude (Mw) 6.1.

Earth was in an alignment with Venus and Uranus a day earlier, followed by a Sun-Mercury-Saturn alignment within 24 hours.

Mars-Mercury-Neptune      2021-09-18,  5:17:51  352°14'37"
Venus-Earth-Uranus        2021-09-23,  9:29:09   44°01'15"
Sun-Mercury-Saturn        2021-09-24,  7:46:07  311°31'04"
SSGI chart
SSGI depiction of planetary (PG) and lunar (LG) geometry

atmospheric electricity
atmospheric electricity before and during the earthquake